The Best Gaming Mouse in 2023 – all the top pointers

The best gaming mouse models combine comfort with customization, speed, and accuracy – and do it all while still offering solid value for money on top. Whether you’re after an fps-first speedster or something a little chunkier under the fingertips, there are plenty of brands vying for a shot at the top spot these days. We’ve had our hands on a massive range of rodents over the years, and we’re bringing you all our favorites right here. 

The good news is that we’re seeing the tech powering these devices getting cheaper and cheaper, which means you can find plenty of gaming mice sitting at affordable prices these days. That’s why we’re bringing you not only the best gaming mouse models overall, but also the best value pointers punching well above their price tags.

Finding the right gaming mouse for your playstyle depends on a number of factors; the shape that feels most comfortable, your grip type, and the games that you play. That’s why we’re always putting new designs and sensors through their paces in all realms of PC gaming, from twitchy first person shooters to slower strategy and simulation titles. Not only that, but we’ve stretched each device (including the battery and connectivity available on the best wireless gaming mice) through long play sessions to make sure that comfort and performance lasts as well.

The best gaming mouse models in 2022

Unless you’re playing competitively, it’s difficult to beat the Razer Basilisk V3 in terms of sheer power and value. That 26K DPI sensor is definitely a nice to have (though in our testing we rarely needed to dial up to that kind of level), but the main draws here are the wide range of programmable buttons, unique RGB underglow, and tactile ergonomic design. It also helps that the V3 comes in $10 cheaper than the previous iteration. 

At its core, though, the latest Razer Basilisk is the same versatile pointer that we’ve always come to love from one of the best Razer mouse lines. With upgraded second generation switches in each main button, an additional trigger button on the left hand side, and a brand new smart scroll wheel, though, there are plenty of new features to celebrate here. We found those new switches to be a little lighter to the touch than previous iterations, but were impressed that they still managed to keep a satisfying response and snapped back quickly.

The RGB available on the Roccat Kone XP certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking to maximise your LED to price ratio, you’ll need to check out this 90s-inspired pointer. We were initially sceptical of this blinding design, but once our eyes adjusted we found that the unique aesthetic (combined with the smoky effect of the translucent plastic) was surprisingly pleasing.

We’re recommending the Kone XP as the best gaming mouse for RGB lovers, but it’s important to note that this is from a brute force angle, rather than in terms of customization. It still feels like the Swarm software is catching up, which means we were a little disappointed to realise that you can’t actually change the colors of these RGB strips. However, there are plenty of cycles to choose from, and the overall effect may be too good to turn down.

Taking over from the Razer Viper Ultimate, the V2 Pro throws everything out the window. Literally – there’s no RGB, only two additional macro buttons, and no wireless charging cradle here, just a laser-focused dedication to speed and precision. That, of course, makes it a prime candidate for anyone after a super lightweight wireless pointer designed purely for FPS play. 

While the overall design language of the Ultimate remains here, there are a few smaller details that have changed to dramatically reduce the weight from 74g to just 58g. We noted lack of side grips in our testing (though stickers are provided, just in the wrong color if you happen to grab the white model), as well as the slightly shorter dome along the top. Still, this pointer slotted straight back into our hands, and we were flying across the Apex Legends battlefield in no time.

All kinds of people game, but not all gaming mice will suit them. If you have larger hands and find some mice to be on the small side, the Corsair Ironclaw RGB should be your first port of call. This is one of the wider mice in Corsair’s lineup, and an excellent bit of hardware that’ll serve you well for both work and play.

As you’d expect from Corsair, the Ironclaw is of the highest quality in terms of its build. Put together from a variety of sturdy materials ranging from grippy rubber to smooth matte plastic, it’s a winner in terms of ergonomics. A sturdy, braided cable also helps reinforce that feeling of quality.

We did run into a few problems with the button placement in our testing. There’s a pair of thumb buttons running along the left side of the device, which are placed well enough to encourage accurate pressing, but one was placed just a little too far back for comfort. We found ourselves having to curl our thumb back in order to hit it, which isn’t recommended if you’re going to be mapping macros for FPS or faster action titles.

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