Member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors

 Commercial Association Resources is a licensed commercial collection agency that we created to provide the very best service, reporting, and results to our clients worldwide!

We are a proud member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors.   IACC is the largest and most respected association of commercial collection professionals. They have been setting and enforcing high standard of conduct since 1970.  We are the only IACC collection agency headquartered in North Carolina!

Our history of success dates back to 1961 when our parent company, Furniture Manufacturers Credit Association, Inc. began servicing the credit and collections needs of the home furnishings, bedding, accessory, and accounts receivables factoring industries.  Commercial Association Resources is the collection arm of FMCA and continues to service members in the original association,  while also providing collection services and credit information to all commercial industries and particularly to related commercial associations. We know first-hand how important it is for associations to provide valuable services to its membership.  What could be more important than the return of past due receivables to the bottom line?

Since our inception, our teams of dedicated collectors and account executives have succeeded where others have failed.  We work in a professional manner to maximize your recovery.  We believe in building long-term relationships by collecting your money often without losing your customers in the process.  Treating clients and debtors with respect is hallmark to our varied collections approach and an added benefit to using Commercial Association Resources.  We are an agency that knows what it’s like to be a client as well and the importance of bringing first class results!