What Sets Us Apart

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Since we were founded and managed by a board of directors made up of credit managers, we understand that Information, communication, and results are what you are looking for in an agency.

We have decades of success and a history of performance meeting the needs of association members and businesses across the globe.

We are proud to be a member of this prestigious organization which is the world’s largest and most respected association of commercial collection professionals and has been setting and enforcing high standards of conduct since 1970.  We are the only IACC Collection Agency Headquartered in North Carolina and we can collect for you wherever your debtors are located.

We utilize a nationwide network of private investigators in some cases to make initial calls as part of our investigation procedures and when needed, we can utilize a licensed and bonded private investigator to make a face to face visit with your debtor as a possible last option to take prior to considering legal forwarding.

We report your debtors to all of the major credit bureaus.  This means that if a business that you place for collections needs additional financing in the future, that debt will appear on their credit reports until it is paid and the banks or lending institutions might force the debtor to pay off the debt first before they will provide additional financing!

Our improved Green Notice Final Demand is a strongly worded Final Demand for the debtor to pay in full prior to collection activity commencing.  Failure to pay will result in collection activity as well as reporting the debt to FMCA and the major credit bureaus. 

(Not recommended for debts greater than 150 days old as by then the debtor company is well aware of the urgency and had ignored all of your previous requests and demands.  Giving the debtor the heads up that you are finally moving to collections usually results in them going further in a hole to avoid all contact.)

“The new 10 Day Final Demand is awesome.  It really gets the attention of the customer.  I would say within the first few hours, if not sooner, once the email goes out to them we get a response.   I would recommend this service to anyone that is trying to collect an older debt and have exhausted all other avenues.  I am well pleased with this and will continue using this feature going forward.  In my words this is awesome! “     Rhonda Travis, Credit Manager, Vanguard Furniture

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We have a national network of attorneys who are recommended by the General Bar and carry a $2 million dollar Chubb Insurance Policy.  We regularly review the success of our attorneys and take action if we are not getting satisfactory coverage and results. We also utilize legal sourcing from American Legal Quarterly, The Commercial Bar and The National List of Attorneys.


We provide two domestic and one Canadian Business Credit Reports to meet your needs and if you are a member of FMCA – you will have the added benefit of our renowned credit information interchange for the very latest information in that industry from credit professionals like yourself.

We offer a free Customer Profile Search which will allow us to check our database to see if a company that is slow paying you, might be in serious trouble elsewhere!

This is a unique service that is the cornerstone of FMCA. If you are interested in learning more about this very valuable service,  visit fmcainc.com or contact David Johnston at david@fmcainc.com

We can collect wherever your debtors are located.

We have the industry experience to get the job done on a consistent basis with a professional approach unmatched in quality service.

The ability to have more than one approach and voice can often make a difference in the overall collections process and the results that are garnered.  In some cases, our clients tell us that they were able to rekindle a business relationship once we collected for them in a professional manner.

We know that one method of collections in not enough in this complex credit environment.  Knowing when to turn up the heat or take a softer approach often produces results when others fail.

In some cases, finding the debtors is one of the more difficult steps to take when a debtor company decides to run away from their financial obligations.

We have been licensed and bonded for your protection for over 56 years of operation with the required trust fund to protect your investment and belief in us as your agency of choice.

This unique program provides a savings on your next placement for any referring credit manager once a referred business places with us for the first time.  Contact us for more information.  We value your trust and faith in us for the job that we do and we want to reward you for spreading the word.

You should never have to guess what is happening with the accounts that you have placed with us for collections.  You can always review our progress on line or contact us directly for an update.

We have the ability to provide an early stage collections program which provides a low cost multilevel approach using customer service reps instead of collectors to conduct a series of letters and phone calls in order to get the desired results at a fraction of the costs.

Depending on the age and status of your delinquent accounts, we can provide a competitive flat rate that will meet your needs or a rate based on the age of delinquency, the average balance, and volume of your placements.

We know how important it can be to get your check in hand once we have collected.  We remit twice monthly once we know that the debtor check will be good.

We are an active member of Credit Today Online in order to stay up to date on industry trends, and high quality and independent analysis, reporting, benchmarking, and success stories.

Review our BBB rating by clicking on this Link for Furniture Manufacturers Credit Association in High Point, NC   – https://www.bbb.org/en/us